Auto unscrewing mould making & High temperature mold PPSU material

• 4 cavity, PPSU material   • high temperature plastic injection mold, auto-unscrewing mold.   • We have years' experience of mold making for auto-unscrewing mold and high temperature molds   • For PPSU material, the mold temperature could reach to 160~180 degree   • High precision mould with tolerance less than +/-0.02mm  

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Product Introduction

• The high temperature auto unscrewing project has mold temperature of 160 degree and resin temperature of 380 degree. • This 4 cavity mold has total cycle time of 35 seconds with very smooth unscrewing movement. • Part is high tolerance with less than +/-0.02mm. • Parts are used in devices of deep sea water system.

Parameter of a case for an auto unscrewing injection mould?

Appliance and Type Water system products auto unscrewing 4 cavity mould, PPSU material, high temperature mold
Resin PPSU
No. of cavity 1*4
Mould Base LKM S50C
Steel of cavity&Core H-13 HRC48-50 /H-13 HRC48-50
Tool weight 430KG
Tool size 493X454X440
Press Ton 120T
Mold life 800000
Injection system Cold runner mould
Cooling system 160 ℃
Ejection System unscrewing by motor and gear wheel
Special points mold temperature 160 ℃,material temperature 380℃
Difficulties unscrewing very smooth, cycle time 39'S,tolerance +/-0.02mm.
Lead time 5 weeks
Package Anti-rust Paper and film, little anti-rust oil and plywood box
Packing items Certification of steel, final 2D & 3D tool design, hot runner document, spare parts and electrodes…
Shrinkage 1.007
Surface finish B-2
Trade terms FOB Shenzhen
Export to Australia
Designing an auto unscrewing injection mold requires careful consideration of the product, plastic material, and tool size. The most common solutions for auto unscrewing injection molds include core insert driving by rotary, rack, or worm. When designing an auto unscrewing injection mold, it is important to consider the material of the product, thread diameter and length, wall thickness and calculated shrinkage, type of plastic and fillers used in the injection mold. Additionally, a side-action mold may be necessary to solve certain problems that arise when opening and closing the mold. To speed up cycle time dramatically while still achieving quality results, automatic unscrewing molds are often used.

Design feedback

3D mold design

Things about auto-unscrewing injection mold

Auto unscrewing injection molding is a process that combines the injection molding of plastic materials with the automatic unscrewing and removal of screw threads (external or internal or both) from molded parts. This process is used for manufacturing components like brackets, knobs, fasteners, caps, valves and more. The auto-unscrewing injection mold consists of a sprue plate and core plate along with a screw thread apparatus that allows for automatic unscrewing after the part has cooled. This process eliminates the need for manual removal of threaded parts as it is done automatically once the part has been ejected from the mold cavity. The advantages of auto-unscrewing injection molds include cost savings due to reduced labor costs, improved product quality since there is less manual handling involved, enhanced safety since it eliminates any potential human errors in removing screws, and increased repeatability and consistency due to a uniform automated process. Additionally, this process can be used to create parts with intricate geometries such as multiple internal threads or countersunk screws without any additional processing steps needed afterwards.Our designers work very effective, for DFM, it is finished within 2 days, as the project is very urgent, so customers required to make 3D design directly, no need to make 2D layout, so 3D was finished within 3 days. We have 6 designers with experience of over 8 years in house. And we also have designing partners who are expertise and only for mold & parts design business as backup when your approve to let us ask for help.There are 2 types: manual unscrewing (demold by force) and automatic unscrewing. Manual unscrewing has low productivity, but the mold structure is simple and suitable for small batch production; automatic unscrewing has high efficiency and stable quality and suitable for large batch production. In the automatic unscrewing mold structure, the problems of reliability, stability and practicality of the structure design must be solved. • Analysis of plastic parts: DFM analysis to check the parts for tooling and find the cost-saving and effective solution. • Choose of runner system: if the production volume is large and quality should be high, hot runner (like valve gate) is very reasonable and useful. • Cooling: In order to improve the production efficiency, prevent the deformation of plastic parts, and prevent the sticking to cavity caused by thermal expansion of mold parts, the cooling system of the mold must be adequate and reliable. • Mould material selection: normally, we select mould material with high wear resistance and hardenability materials. In this project, we used H13 steel. • Mold drive part design: there are normally 3 ways to design the drive part, which are Hydraulic cylinder + rack, Motor + Chain and Rack + Gears.


More details

• The injection mould tool is auto-unscrewing by motor and gear wheel. • There are many insulation plates in mould four sides as the mold temperature is very high. • This 4 cavity mold has total moulding cycle time 35 seconds and the part tolerance is less than +/-0.02mm.

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